You can take a virtual selfie on Mars to honor Perseverance landing – DIY Photography

NASA’s Perseverance rover made its successful landing on Mars yesterday. It even sent the first photo! And speaking of photos, NASA has launched a really fun tool to let you play pretend you visited Mars and took a selfie. Because what’s a (space) travel without a selfie, right?

“We can’t take you to Mars (yet!) but we can bring the Red Planet to you,” NASA writes. So, you can visit Mars Photo Booth and insert your pretty face into a few different scenes. All you need to do is upload a photo. You can then choose your background – if Mars is too far, you can put yourself in the mission control, or perhaps pose while the rover is prepared for launch. There are eight different options, and of course, I played with a few of them myself.

I must notice that the tool does a pretty good job cutting out a human from the photo, but perhaps that’s because the original image was taken with a plain wall behind me. But then I tried it with my birthday selfie that shows my kitchen behind me, and it’s still pretty decent:

I must admit I was emotional while watching the live stream of Perseverance landing last night, and after I saw the first image it sent back to Earth. So playing with Mars Photo Booth gave me a relaxing few minutes of pure fun. You can try it out too, and I’d love to see what you end up with. You can also share them on social media, NASA’s official hashtag is #CountdownToMars.

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