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Ed White in the first American “spacewalk”

If you’ve always wanted to own one of the photos taken in space – well, now’s your chance. Christie’s has put a huge collection of space photos up for an auction: there are 700 lots with over 2,400 separate items in total. The collection includes iconic and rare images, such as the only photo of Neil Armstrong on the Moon.

The collection consists of images depicting the American space program between the 1940s and the 1970s. Voyage to Another World: The Victor-Martin Malburet Photograph Collection took over 15 years to build. Martin-Malburet says that he first got interested in photos captured in space when he accompanied his father to an auction. He studied mathematics and physics at university, and his fascination with space photos remained.

Among more than 2,400 images, there are some highlights such as the first space selfie, the first US spacewalk, the first human-taken photo of the Earthrise, and so on. One of the most interesting images is the only photo of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Reportedly, even NASA didn’t know for decades that this image existed. Neil Armstrong was the one who was taking photos during the Apollo 11 mission. This is likely the only photo where Buzz Aldrin picked up the camera and photographed his colleague.

The auction was open on 6 November and it lasts for six and seven more days, depending on the lot. Bidding for lots 1-325 continues until 19 November, and 20 November is the final day for the remaining lots. At the moment, current bids are pretty low for some of the images, so you’ll probably be easily able to get them even when the auction is over. There’s an estimated end price for each of the photos, and they are expected to reach between $1,000 and the whopping $60,000.

[via DPReview; image credits: NASA]

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