WideHardo is a FrankerFaceZ emote on Twitch featuring the face of streamer TriHex from the TriHard emote that has been stretched and widened with the body shape of a Peepo. The emote is sometimes used to express excitement, but similar to the TriHard and MingLee emotes, it also has some controversial use as a form of racism, as it is often spammed during the appearance of a Black person on stream or anytime “gang-type” behavior takes place in a game. It was added to FrankerFaceZ in early 2019.


The image used for the emote comes from a photo taken of Twitch streamer TriHex in June 2012 when he attended the Akon-23 anime convention in Dallas, Texas (seen below). This original image that became the TriHard emote is the same used in WideHard and WideHardo but his hair is removed and his face placed on top of a Peepo body in these variants.

Trihex forehead nose afro

The emote itself (shown below) was added to the streaming platform via FrankerFaceZ on January 2nd, 2019, by user mr_allemann, and currently ranks number 6 out of Twitch’s top 100 FrankerFacez emotes, according to StreamElements chat statistics, with over 330 million uses on over 19,400 sets.

Face Skin Eye Close-up Eyebrow Cheek Head Organ Nose Eyelash Mouth Iris Jaw Lip


On July 7th, 2019, Urban Dictionary user penaldo4 added a definition for the WideHard emote to the site as “A wide version of the twitch emote TriHard,” and on September 29th, 2019, user randyandy69420 added one for WideHardo as “When you feeling not only YOINK but also feeling SNUG and PEEPOBLANKET (comfy). Essentially. Free BLANKET YOINKS,” which received 12 likes and 166 dislikes in over a year (seen below).

y f > TOP DEFINITION WideHardo When you feeling not only YOINK but also feeling SNUG and PEEPOBLANKET (comfy). Essentially. Free BLANKET YOINKS IM SO WIDEHARDO RIGHT NOW IN THIS GAME. TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD. TWO TIME Text Font Logo Azure Electric blue

On July 20th, 2019, YouTuber WideHardo added a video of the emote to the site, receiving over 8,300 views, 111 likes and 32 comments in a year and a half (seen below, left). On February 25th, 2020, YouTuber botwoot uploaded a video depicting the emote remixed with a song that is associated with WideHardo, receiving over 19,800 views, 681 likes and 131 comments in 11 months (shown below, right).

On July 20th, 2020, Redditor ThePizzaHutMan posted the emote to the /r/xqcow subreddit after the YEP emote was banned from streamer xQc’s channel seeking to replace it, which received over 1,100 upvotes and 36 comments in five months. On January 8th, 2021, YouTuber Ret Archive uploaded a video showing a clip from streamer Retrora using the WideHardo emote, receiving over 800 views and 64 likes in three days (seen below). The clip was then shared to the /r/Mizkif subreddit where it received 310 upvotes, 28 comments and several Reddit Awards in roughly 48 hours.

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