Weekend Meme Roundup: Out Of Touch Thursday, Post-Election Memes And CatJAM

Even though it was only a week ago, the 2020 United States presidential election still feels like something that’s going on today. This is evident in the top meme of the weekend being about Trump supporters now that their candidate has been projected to lose the election. Though this event sucked all the air out of the room, there were still others that managed to carve out some space for themselves. Those two memes are both musically driven, with CatJAM being a template usable for any sound, and “Out Of Touch Thursday” being a song used for numerous templates.

Post-2020 Election Memes

As expected, neither side has let this rest. Trump supporters keep making memes talking about voter fraud, Hunter Biden and anything else they can think of. Joe Biden supporters have been, in kind, using the same memes from the inauguration of Donald Trump but with the roles reversed. The ones crying about election fraud are the MAGA hats, and the ones who now claim election fraud could never happen are the left-wingers. Of course, everything is played up because of how emotionally charged everyone still is due to the election, but that’s just how this process works.

@cheffjessions Listen here Jack Maybe the real Blue Texas was the states we won along the waý. Facial expression Photo caption Smile Human


: Anonymous (ID: CHEebzBh 11/04/20(Wed)15:25:22 No.287410963 the next time someone says "I'm a libertarian", remember to punch them straight in the face. they are solely responsible for handing this election to the democrats on a silver platter. the real irony? libertarians are getting nothing whatsoever from biden except less freedom and more taxes. good job you fucking idiots. 86 KB JPG : Anonymous (ID: (ko5f5HK9 11/04/20(Wed)15:26:16 No.287411332 >>287410963 (OP) # I get neocon tears, totally worth. >>287415946 # >>287419207 # >>287419473 # >>287421420 # >>287421566 # >>287421790 # >>287423669 # >>287424604 # >>287426743 # >>287426958 # >>287428184 # >>287429276 # >>287430179 # >>287431637 # >>287434227 # Text

Me, watching the democratic party tear itself apart and the republicans loose their soul to a neo-facist THIS IS FINE. ingflip.com Cartoon Animated cartoon Comics Fiction Line

#NeverBernie Joe Biden KAMALA ו-ר WR 290 20to win Donald Trump 214 m BLOO BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT Hart, Polter on evo DEPY B目日回G日B目日 Cartoon

DEMS:SPEND $250 MILLION TO LOSE3 SENATESEATS DEMS GETTING READY FOR GEORGIA: D fuckin do it again imgflip.com Cartoon Text Facial expression Font Line Photo caption Organ Organism


CatJAM also known as Vibing Cat, is a Twitch emote of a white cat bouncing, which many discovered goes well with any song. The Twitch emote spread around the platform for a few months before it got picked up for more mainstream meme-making. Since then, the vibing cat was edited on top of numerous music videos, examples of other people dancing, and all-around used to denote a good beat and a good time. One of the most well-known examples involved putting CatJAM in a video where a man is playing a drum in the background. This has become known as Cat Vibing to Street Musician’s levan Polka. Despite already being a known meme for a few months now, it has continued picking up steam, and will likely last a little while longer.

6 year old me hearing my parents make music with their bed late at night: Nose Face Skin Chin Cheek Head Lip Forehead

year old me listening to music about sex, drugs, rape and murder: 7 Face Skin Nose Cheek Text Head Chin Forehead Joint Eye

Zombies in 99% of Media Zombies in a Michael Jackson music video

Me finding a song I like on the radio Мy dad turning it off Me still playing it in my head Cat Skin Text Nose Neck Joint

Out of Touch Thursday

Out of Touch Thursday is a series of meme videos using the song “Out of Touch” by the musical duo Hall & Oates. It recently hit its stride as a meme song due to a growing number of videos made where different characters will be animated to do the dance from Lucky Star in time to the song. The song has also been used in place of music in various examples where characters are listening to music while dancing or doing other activities. The song itself was a smash hit when it first came out and enjoys some radio time on older stations to this day. As video memes such as this require more skill, talent, time and creativity, it is hard to truly gauge how far it will go, but it is slowly gaining speed and may continue to grow over the month.

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