Weekend Meme Roundup: I Can Still Hear His Voice, 'Among Us' Characters, Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

The previous week has been a rather slow one, all things considered. While the memes present are all recent, each one is still a sort of throwback or spin on a precursor. There are many different ways to reference an older meme, but each of these does it in a different way.

One of them is a continuation of a meme resurgence, another takes a classic saying and modernizes it, and the last is simply rediscovering an old meme and breathing new life into it. These are the stories behind Things That Look Like Among Us Crewmates, Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss and I Can Still Hear His Voice.

Things That Look Like Among Us Crewmates

Things That Look Like Among Us Crewmates is the newest iteration of Among Us memes. What started out with memes about the crewmembers and game mechanics eventually devolved into more abstract humor about the crewmates. This abstract form of amogus memeing eventually hit its high point with people seeing the Among Us characters everywhere they looked. Like Christ the crust redeemer, everyday objects were thought to house images of the game’s iconic characters … and that’s what the meme revolves around. The main point of the trend is that the person is starting to go insane from seeing Among Us characters everywhere they look.

Among Us Mouth Gesture Finger Cartoon Audio equipment Thumb Art Output device Font Gadget

Among Us Waste containment Sports equipment Fender Gas

Friend: you can't just post a random image And expect to get upvotes! Me: FIRE Rectangle Automotive lighting Fixture Gas

MENU 144 Ipod Portable media player Mp3 player Material property Circle

ution can give me Pattern- seeking brain you To avoid predators? Yeeees. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP PLE Hair Primate Hairstyle Jaw Gesture Font

KILL ME I CANT I FUCKING Hand Gesture Thumb Finger Nail Line Font Happy

OH MY FUCKING GOD Minecraft Rectangle Toy Triangle Wood Font Puzzle Educational toy

Among Us Automotive tire Waste containment Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Tire Chair Road surface Bumper Rolling Asphalt Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle door Flooring Automotive wheel system Gas Tints and shades Parking

Cartoon Vertebrate Automotive design Organism Sharing Gesture

vinnie @floppafriday im gonna go insane ® 10:47 p.m. · 13 Feb. 21 · Twitter for iPhone Facial expression Font Circle

HOLY FUCKING SHIT AMOG US Lain Iwakura Facial expression Gesture Font Cartoon Happy Black hair

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss is a newer, worse way of saying Live, Laugh, Love. It is not meant to be positive, although it can be portrayed that way. The point of the meme is to show an alternate lifestyle motto to the classically casual one presented online for over a decade. This new version was spread around social media and attached to pictures and GIFs of powerful women together, indicating that strong female empowerment is at the crux here despite the phrases being used being synonymous with aggressors.

jack A @jack_luddy ... gaslight gatekeep girlboss manipulate mansplain malewife DISNEY JOAQUIN PHOENIX JOKER OTOBER 4 MAY 2OZI Joker Eyebrow Mouth Facial expression Smile Lipstick Human Eyelash Font Happy Black hair Poster Beauty Art

Claymore @ClaymoreShoebil ... here they are Gaslight, Girlboss and Gatekeep. Arknights

the original siegfeld top three be like: gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. Clothing Hair Cartoon Outerwear Photograph White Sharing Black Human body Gesture Happy Line Black hair Layered hair Art Wig Fashion design

gaslight gatekeep and girlboss Footwear Jeans Plant Shoe Window Sleeve Gesture Happy Waist Line Street fashion People Tree Denim Leisure Travel Friendship Sneakers Recreation

gaslight avery) mament gatekeep aery day girlbess beyond words Furniture Couch White Butterfly Pollinator Rectangle Comfort Wall sticker Font Wood Grey Insect Living room Line studio couch Arthropod Art Sofa bed Poster Pillow

plaziska von karma @plazynoodles · Feb 18 ... gaslight gatekeep girlboss <3 Facial expression Product Human Gesture Cartoon Font Pink Magenta People Toy

freya @bridgersfilm ... gaslight gatekeep girlboss manipulate mansplain malewife David Fincher Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Hairstyle Human Flash photography Gesture Font Eyelash

I Can Still Hear His Voice

I Can Still Hear His Voice refers to a meme made back in 2018 involving anime characters having fake dialogue. More recently, it has been used in various ways, though predominantly against shipping and seemingly unorthodox relationships between characters in shows and other media. The character is shown saying “I can still his/her voice” to the reader while another character, or the same one, in the background says “gay, gay, homosexual, gay” as a response to them.

GAY GAY HOMOSEXUAL | CAN STIL HEAR HER VOICE.. GAY 18 Hairstyle Facial expression Mouth Art Gesture Font Cartoon Fun Youth

gay gay sometimes homosexual I can still hear her voice gay INUIS 1BLE TuXEDO 2021 Cartoon Vertebrate Organism Happy People in nature Font Gesture Line Art Sharing

I CAN STILL HEAR HIS VOICE... gay gay homo sexual gay Shpoghoou Jotaro Kujo Cartoon Gesture Font Black hair Art

gay I CAN STILL HEAR HIS VOICE... gay homo sexual gay Eyebrow White Black Font Style Black-and-white Art

gay gay homo sexual I can still hear her Voice.. Iay! Hair Head Hairstyle Cartoon Photograph Mouth Eye Facial expression Vertebrate White Human Organ Fashion Happy Mammal Pink Gesture Interaction Style Black hair Art Sharing Social group Line Cool Red Fun Magenta People Smile Handwriting Beauty Cg artwork

I can still hear his voice. gay gay homosexual gay Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cartoon Facial expression Mouth Organ Sharing Happy Gesture Interaction Fun Illustration Automotive tire Leisure Child Art

Dusknoir:I can still hear his voice. Grovyle: Gay Gay Homosexual Gay Tire Light Automotive tire Tread Font Screenshot Wheel

SOMETIMES. I CAN STILL HEAR THEIR VOICES. * Gay Gay * Homosexual * Gay * Gay Gay * Homosexual * Gay Cartoon Black Gesture Font Art Illustration

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