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Unpopular Opinion Swords is an image macro meme featuring a frame from the 2010 Disney animated fantasy film Tangled. The shot sees the character Flynn with a number of swords pointing to his neck as he looks unphased and comfortable. Online, some use the image as a prompt to engage with people and their unpopular opinions (similar to Bomboclaat and Sco Pa Tu Manaa).


On November 24th, 2010, Disney released the film Tangled in the United States. In the film, the character Flynn is apprehended by a group at a bar, who points a number of swords at him as he appears unphased (clip below).

Five years later, on March 30th, 2015, 9GAG user shared a screenshot of the scene. They captioned the image, “This should replace that stupid penguin as the new unpopular opinion meme.” The post received more than 36,000 points and 425 comments in less than six years (shown below).


In August 2020, people on Twitter adopted the imgae to express unpopular opinions. On August 24th, Twitter user @Balmo1603 tweeted one of the earliest, writing “Piper es la peor waifu” (shown below, left).

Over the next month, people continued to post the image. On September 26th, 2020, Twitter @exhaustcd tweeted the image with the caption, “drop a food take that gets this type of reaction.” The tweet received more than 18,000 retweets and 7,100 likes in less than one week (shown below, center).

The following day, on September 27th, 2020, Twitter user @wordsborn tweeted the image as a prompt: “what book opinion will get you in this situation?” The post received more than 3,800 retweets and 1,500 likes in less than three days (shown below, right).

Edwin B. @Balmo1603 Piper es la peor waifu. Translated from Spanish by Google Piper is the worst waifu. 4:34 PM · Aug 24, 2020 · Twitter for Android > jia i @exhaustcd drop a food take that gets this type of reaction 2:08 PM · Sep 26, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Album cover casper @wordsbornn what book opinion will get you in this situation? 8:30 AM · Sep 27, 2020 · Twitter for Android

Various Examples

Andy Lunique @AndyLunique Drop a movie take that would get this type of reaction 3:18 PM · Sep 27, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone > Dislexic @scottr021 Drop a Theme Park opinion that will make you feel like this. 11:33 AM · Sep 27, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone
Nolan Gray @mnolangray what urbanism opinion is gonna land you in this situation? 4:45 PM · Sep 28, 2020 · Twitter Web App > Kyle Craven Bes a @besfOrt what political opinion do you have that results in this 12:25 PM · Sep 27, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone John Boyega Album cover


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