Twitter Roars With Laughter As Carole Baskin Is Eliminated From 'Dancing With The Stars'

As you may recall, Dancing With The Stars decided to return to live television this month, mid-pandemic, for season 29 of its hit show. With that announcement, came the news of a new host, Tyra Banks, and a cast filled with musicians, athletes, television personalities, and Carole Baskin. While it seems like it’s been two years since we all binged Tiger King, it’s impossible to forget the celebrities it gave us. While Joe Exotic is still serving time in prison, and waiting for President Trump to pardon him, the rest of us have been fortunate enough to watch Carole Baskin learn how to professionally dance for live television.

Despite putting in an outstanding effort to constantly reference tigers, cats, or lions in each of her performances, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue became the second contestant to be eliminated from the show last night. And while her time may have been short on Dancing With The Stars, Baskin did produce enough drama to get everyone talking. During the very first week of the show, her former husband’s family decided to film a commercial that offered a reward for any information regarding his death. This 50-second spot also confirmed that Don Lewis’ family believe that Baskin is directly responsible for his disappearance. Naturally, all the cool cats and kittens from Twitter have had a field day with Baskin’s involvement with the show. Here are all of the best reactions to last night’s news.















In fact, we’re all broken now.

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