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Over the following months, jokes about the plight of the Twitter description guy grew more popular alongside trends users felt were frivolous. For example, on January 5th, 2020, user @sunsetkarl tweeted a picture of Coraline’s Dad to symbolize the Twitter Description Guy writing about why Panic! at the Disco singer Brendon Urie was trending (users were blaming him for historical atrocities he didn’t commit), gaining over 1,000 retweets and 13,000 likes (shown below, left). User @702Sicario posted a joke about the Twitter Description Guy reading about the Armie Hammer Controversy, gaining over 460 likes (shown below, right).

Sicario 000 @702sicario The Twitter description guy scrolling through the Armie Hammer tweets rn 11:30 PM · Jan 10, 2021 · Twitter for Android Artist Music artist Office equipment Beard Facial hair Electronics

Thanks to the numerous descriptions Twitter has provided since implementing their policy, the hashtag #ThankYouTwitterDescriptionGuy has been used to voice appreciation for the service providing context on numerous trending topics. User @coucou_lou wrote #ThankYouTwitterDescriptionGuy about descriptions regarding One Direction topics, gaining over 40 retweets and 240 likes (shown below, left). User @SnazzyNova used the hashtag to discuss the Twitter Description Guy talking about Dream on the platform, gaining over 260 likes (shown below, right).

chrissy O's elodie #TCOE 000 @coucou_lou since #ThankYouTwitterDescriptionGuy is trending, thank you Twitter Description Guy for dealing with us during 2020 and giving us these beautiful gems 2. Pop · Trending #bluegreenerandproud Pop · Trending harry tomlinson Bluegreeners, aka devoted fans Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson's friendship, aren't afraid to share their feelings for the former One Direction bandmates Larries debate whether a One Direc marriage would result in a Harry Ton Louis Styles 7,843 Tweets 37.2K Tweets Pop · Trending Trending in United States #OhWaitltWasHarry LOUIS THE FISH Fans (aka 'Larrys') who 'ship' Harry Styl Harry Styles fans are celebrating after t Louis Tomlinson are using #OhWaitltWa account of the fictional island of Eroda, argue that the two former One Directiol music video of the singer's track Adore are closer than Louis is with his lonatim based, liked a Tweet referencing the po theory that the song is inspired by the p 6,747 Tweets book Louis The Fish 12:36 AM · Jan 1, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone Text Font Colorfulness Nova 000 @SnazzyNova #ThankYouTwitterDescriptionGuy the twitter description guy seeing dream on the trending tab everyday 10:46 PM · Dec 31, 2020 · Twitter for Android Animation Cartoon Fictional character

Various Examples

nessie Y is a lil ia 00 @nessiemonsterwa the twitter description guy watching #kanyeiplier trend NaHIGA STATE 11:24 PM · Jan 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App 0...: Eyewear Vision care Glasses Jaw Beard Facial hair Jacket Blazer A piece of blue glass moon @StellaNoxEclair 000 Twitter description guy barely hanging on at this point Trending in United States 000 matpat There's a newfound appreciation for YouTuber MatPat's attractiveness after some older photos emerge 7,739 Tweets 3:14 PM · Jan 5, 2021 · Twitter Web App Text Font Cherry YZAYN DAY @NewAngelNiallL 000 the twitter description guy rn vs. corpse fans #happybirthdaycorpse #onlybreath HAPPY TRTHPAY HIGA STATE 7:52 PM · Jan 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone IL Dessert Cake Animation Baked goods Cuisine Ingredient Cake decorating mae Y 30, -50 @kaidawastaken 000 i know the twitter description guy watch the animatic after writing this and loved it 3. Arts & culture · Trending #SADistAppreciation Fans of the Dream SMP are sharing their appreciation for YouTuber SAD-ist after the creator released a new animation based on the Minecraft server's storyline, titled Dawn of 16th 9,045 Tweets 1:56 AM · Jan 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone Text Font june i (on follower limkt rn :(() @junewahh 000 twitter description guy trying to figure out why brendon urie is trending Mmecraft? 12:01 AM · Jan 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone People Forehead Text Eyebrow Happy Collar Facial expression Jaw Font Azure Electric blue White-collar worker Adobe Flash is Better Than @AdobeFlashBeats 000 Twitter description guy seeing #dreamsharted trending Lip Cheek Chin Forehead Eyebrow White Line Jaw Organ Temple Neck Colorfulness Electric blue Parallel Tooth Rectangle

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