Twitter Delights In An Extremely British Food Tour To Wigan

If there are two things Americans delight in, it’s mocking British accents and trolling British cuisine. Last Wednesday, American tweeters discovered a video that spectacularly delivered on both fronts.

The video comes from, an English news and culture site. It shows correspondent Joe Gilmore traveling to Wigan, a town near Manchester and Liverpool in the UK, to try its famous “Wigan Kebab.” What is a Wigan Kebab? Well, as the video helpfully explains, it’s “buttered barm, meat and potato pie” (barm is an English type of bread).

As Gilmore tries the Wigan Kebab in The Trawlerman, he realizes he can get a “smack” for 40p. The owner then talks him into getting “Smack barm pey wet.” It’s unclear exactly what the “Smack barm pey wet” is, but it appears to be some kind of sandwich dressed with the water off of peas, leading Joe to utter the immortal phrase, “There’s no pey, it’s just wet!”

Finally, Joe is talked into trying a “Babby’s yed,” which is some sort of meat pie which the owner explains “looks like a baby’s head when you crack it open.”

The video is wildly British, and began making the rounds Wednesday after Twitter user @inthesedeserts posted about it.

This led Twitter to dive into their best British impersonations, which looks like a jumble of nonsense but apparently does make sense somewhere in the world.

Gilmore, for his part, seemed proper sussed about the whole ordeal.

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