Trends in Microscopy

There are digital cameras, digital TV sets, digital picture frames, digital schools on the internet. Cryptologists design digital signatures, communication researchers speak of digital identity. Digital may be an overused buzzword, but digital technology has undeniably revolutionized our world ever since the invention of the computer and will continue to do so in future. The digital revolution has also had a radical impact on the field of microscopy. The beginnings were made by digital cameras, which provided users in all fields of microscopy with better documentation and analysis facilities. Today, there are digital microscopes on the market which are a far cry from traditional microscopy methods. New technologies always attract plenty of attention, and after all, digital microscopes offer a host of advantages. However, this does not mean they can simply replace all the world’s traditional microscopes. It’s worth taking a closer look to identify the limitations of digital microscopy as well as the benefits.

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