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There are a few tricks that let you stabilize your shots with a camera strap. But how about actually turning your flexible strap into rigid support for your camera? Frii Designs is soon launching a very interesting piece of gear that will do exactly that. In one flip of a switch, Frii Designs’ Conda Strap turns into a tripod or a vlogging rig.

Conda Strap is some kind of a strange crossover between a camera strap and a GorillaPod. It’s flexible just like the regular strap, so you can carry it around your neck or as a sling strap. But once you flip a switch on top, the strap becomes a rigid support for your camera. You can use it as a tripod, a vlogging rig (or a selfie stick), or as a camera grip. You can also wrap it around anything, just like you would do with a GorillaPod. I have no idea what kind of sorcery is this, but I like it.

If Frii Designs rings a bell, perhaps you remember them by this triple lens holder. That piece of equipment got very divided opinions from users, and I wonder how you’ll like the company’s new idea. Personally, I think Conda Strap is a brilliant idea and I’d gladly own it. It seems convenient and it’s awesome for casual walks or even travels when you wanna pack light. Sure, it’s not the prettiest camera strap in the world, but I don’t really care that much about the aesthetics (just look at my camera bag).

Conda Strap is launching on Kickstarter on 12 November and we’ll update this article with the link once the campaign starts. The estimated retail price should be $150, but you’ll be able to get it through Kickstarter for under $100. In the meantime, follow Frii Designs on Facebook and Instagram. And of course, feel free to share your thoughts about this concept, I’m eager to hear them!

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