The Jew Fears the Indoor Animal Farmer


Following the comment, more 4chan users began making posts referencing various types of indoor farmer. On July 24th, 2019, an anonymous user posted the image of the chickens to /pol/ along with the caption “The Jew fears the indoor chicken farmer!” On July 18th, 2019, u/CHIKIKCHI posted a screenshot of a post from /pol/ to /r/4chan depicting a humorous comment string about indoor chicken farming, garnering over 250 upvotes in over a year (shown below). On July 31st, an anonymous 4chan user commented on a /pol/ post saying, “the jew fears the indoor bee hive farmer” along with an image of an indoor beehive.

On April 25th, 2020, u/ToweringHorse20 uploaded an screenshot from a /pol/ thread to /r/4chan featuring an image of fish in a bathtub and the description, “the jew fears the indoor fish farmer” garnering over 7,100 upvotes in 8 months (shown below, left). On April 28th, u/Spiritdenk shared a screenshot of a /pol/ post to /r/4chan depicting a cow standing in a doorway covered in feces with the description, “the jew fears the indoor cow farmer” garnering over 9,100 upvotes in a comparable span of time (shown below, right).

: Anonymous (ID: MuOvvOLK ) 04/24/20(Fri)23:53:29 No.254952811 094C62D690E24A0EA400042670C1E151.jpg 41 KB JPG The jew fears the indoor fish farmer Fluid Plumbing fixture Property Photograph Vertebrate White Fish Black Sink Plumbing Beige Bathroom accessory Bathroom Tap Composite material Snapshot File: 5cf15b9d4533c.image.jpg (35 KB, 656x492) Anonymous (ID: 9G9ADJKY 04/28/20(Tue)17:45:11 No.255416620 >>255416858 >>255416949 >>255417215 >>255418116 >>255418127 >>255418556 >>255420139 >>255420373 >>255421057 >>255421288 >>255421377 >>255421498 >>255421566 >>255422243 >>255422766 The jew fears the indoor cow farmer. Wall Floor Fixture Snapshot Rectangle

On July 3rd, an anonymous /bant/ user posted “The jew fears the indoor bee keeper” along with an indoor beehive (shown below, left). Shortly after an anonymous user posted an image under the thread compiling various images of indoor animal under the text, “The Jew Fears The Indoor Animal Farmer” (shown below, right).

You re QIHE obee kimees ONE WELCOME to our HONEYCOMB Bees Wall Orange Still life photography Interior design Artifact THE JEWS FEAR THE INDOOR ANIMAL FARMER Nature Organism Vertebrate Collage Adaptation Bird Galliformes

Various Examples

: Anonymous (ID: IgAhrpY+ ) 05/02/20(Sat) 19:02:37 No.255984912 1588390464940.jpg 136 KB JPG the jew fears the indoor goat herder >>255986443 # Wood Cabinetry Drawer Wood stain Home appliance Kitchen Hardwood Fur Kitchen appliance Tail Felidae Major appliance : Anonymous (ID: IgAhrpY+ ) 05/02/20(Sat)18:38:39 No.255982884 1588391515553.jpg 525 KB JPG the jew fears the indoor cattle rancher. >>255983102 # >>255984358 # >>255993139 # Vertebrate Terrestrial animal Liver Working animal Fawn The Jew fears the indoor fisherman White Beige File: ufnjoles8bz31.jpg (27 KB, 488x366) the Jews fear the fridge fish farmer Anonymous (ID: WOVPWVDB 05/02/20(Sat)10:05:29 No.255892130 >>255899568 >>255899572 >>255901847 >>255903943 Are you doing your part? Preserved food Food storage containers Food Mason jar Pickling Canning Ingredient Fruit preserve Food storage Lid Achaar 1dc5a02f57faa892209417b45381f1f5--wasp-nest-hornet.jpg 20 KB JPG The jew fears the indoor hornet keeper : Anonymous (ID: AZD7YHR9 06/21/20(Sun)13:42:11 No.264089265 >>264088845 (OP) # Absolutely based and irrefutably redpilled. Hornet Invertebrate Insect Organism Arthropod Pest Bronze Parasite File: 1591711116119.jpg (39 KB, 800x600) Anonymous (ID: TZKUJ5 ) 06/09/20(Tue)10:57:33 No.261895677 [Reply] The Jew fears the indoor fisherman + 18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view. O Anonymous (ID: TezVYWe) E 06/09/20(Tue)11:09:49 No.261897234 File: Peppermint-Angelfish.jpg (390 KB, 1024x670) This fish is worth $30,000. The Jews fears the ornamental fish farmer. Vertebrate Floor Flooring Terrestrial animal Carnivore Tail

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