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It looks like there’s a new player in the world of motion control. The axiiio nano has today launched on Kickstarter with a new modular system that offers a lot of flexibility. Rather than just being a single device, it’s a range of components that allow you to build up only the system you need. And it’s designed for both photographers as well as filmmakers.

The goal of axiiio was to have the system be as lightweight and versatile as possible. So, it’s made from carbon fibre composites and aircraft-grade aluminium. But it’s also designed to be small, allowing you to use the same motors to control both the focus as well as move a camera along a slider.

The key feature of the axiiio nano system is that it’s basically as simplified as possible to offer you the maximum versatility. You use the same motor unit for just about every type of motion and movement you could want, and you can programme it to suit your needs. Whether you’re controlling the focus, zoom or aperture of your lens or moving your whole camera up and down or along a slider, it’s the same motor and the same control features.

It’s launching on Kickstarter with two kits (and a few extras once the campaign’s over). There’s the Starter Kit, with pledges starting at around US$1,019, which includes 1 Nano Receiver + hotshoe mount, 1 Nano Motor + gear set, 1 Nano Motion Pancake, 2 Nano rod clamps, a set of cables (including a trigger for your camera for things like timelapse and stop motion) and a power supply.

The other is the FIZ Kit pledges start at US$2,068 for early birds, which includes everything the Starter Kit does, but with 3 motors and gear sets, four rod clamps, 3 motor leads, and a USB programming lead. There’s also a bonus free Nano Motion Pancake for the first 20 early birds.

Once the campaign ends, you can add additional items to your order, including more Nano Motor Kits, Nano Motion Pancakes, as well as an L bracket, allowing you to add an extra camera tilt axis to your set up. Stretch goals include a Nano Keyhole Clamp and a Nano Slider designed specifically for the axiiio mini system.

It looks like quite a neat little compact system overall, that offers a lot of control over many different types of motion control you may find you need in your photography or video work, whether you’re shooting 360° product images and stop motion in the studio or multi-axis timelapse in the woods. And it’s all controlled from your smartphone.

This is a Kickstarter campaign, so all of the usual caveats apply, but if you want to find out more, you can visit the axiiio website or head on over to the axiiio nano Kickstarter page to back it. Pledges start at around US$1,019 for the Starter Kit and US$2,068 for the FIZ kit, with shipping expected in June 2021.

I really hope this is one that succeeds. With as compact as the system is, it would be great to see these come to market and developed even further.

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