The Art of Less Doing with Ari Meisel | Chase Jarvis Photography

We all know that this world is fast paced. If you’re like me, there’s never enough time to do all the things you want. Naturally, the feeling of overwhelm creeps in, hindering our ability to operate as creatives and entrepreneurs.

But, when it comes to pursuing the things that we love in life, we have to create time for those things. My guest today, Ari Meisel, is a creator, speaker, coach, and the author of Less Doing More Living, a resource designed to help those of us who feel overwhelmed, become more effective.

Ari’s teachings break down into three sections on today’s show:

  1. Self-tracking and the manual of you- basically how to run an audit.
  2. Structuring your creative self. I used to think that structure was a waste of time. And suddenly after 10 years, I realized that a little bit of structure around my creativity was the thing that unlocked it.
  3. How to take back time and begin moving towards our biggest goals.

Half an hour with Ari today and a whole bunch of tactical information to help you hone your craft, your practice and your life. You might want to have a notepad for this one.


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