Terry The Fat Shark


Terry The Fat Shark refers to an image macro of a shark who is usually posted on Wednesdays appearing to bear a “gift” as a “token of friendship.” The caption of each Terry meme promises he will return the following Wednesday with a new gift.


Terry the Fat Shark was first posted to /r/dankmemes on March 6th, 2019 by Redditor Ecstatic_Pickle, gaining over 4,800 points before the meme was deleted by moderators for being “normie trash.” On March 20th, 2019, Redditor Aphex_tw1n reposted the first Terry the Fat Shark image in /r/oddlyspecific, gaining over 1,100 points in roughly a year and a half. Terry presents a shrimp.


Terry began growing more popular in other subreddits and on other social media sites over a year after the first post. For example, a Terry dubbed “Week 13” posted in /r/memes on June 17th, 2020 by Redditor omega_wolf gained over 490 points (shown below, left). On June 3rd, Imgur user ImYourBiologicalStepDadUncleRob posted an example that gained over 110,000 views on the platform (shown below, right).

This is Terry the Fat Shark He hopes you will accept the ability to read as a token of friendship Terry will return with another gift next Wednesday Fish Shark Organism This is Terry the Fat Shark He hopes you will accept this hand sanitizer bottle as a token of friendship Terry will return with another gift next Wednesday

On August 26th, 2020, Ecstatic_Pickle posted a Grant Gustin Next To Oliver Queen’s Grave celebrating the revival of Terry the Fat Shark. The meme was covered by StayHipp.

Various Examples

No one: Still no one Terry the fat shark: made with mematic Shark Tiger shark Lamnidae Cartilaginous fish Fish Lamniformes Requiem shark Great white shark Marine biology Sand tiger shark Adaptation Mouth Carcharhiniformes Squaliformes Terry the Fat Shark is back! HE HOPES YOU WILL ACCEPT THIS ICE CREAM ASA TOKEN OF FRIENDSHIP. ALSO EAT BEFORE IT MELTS. IT'S HOT OUT THERE! TERRY WILL RETURN WITH imgflip.com ANOTHER GIFT NEXT WEDNESDAY Organism Terry the Fat Shark is back!!! This week, Terry has brought everyone a very plushy thermal pillow! This pillow is not only durable, but also always stays cold on both sides! Terry knows some people can't sleep very easily, or just hate turning pillows over to keep cool, so Terry hopes everyone can use this gift from now on to sleep comfortably whenever they want. Terry will return with another gift next Wednesday Sharks Organism Terry has declared war up arms with him. He asks you to take Bathe in the blood of the heathens and on furries show them no mercy But make sure you go into battle. Terry Terry will return doesn't want you to pull a hammy mid- decapitation stretch before you next Wednesday after he has finished his crusade Fish This is special delivery Terry He comes bearing a gift for our Terry boi Fedix Let's all take a minute to say thank you Terry for all that he does Text Organism Font

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