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The weather here in the UK isn’t particularly great right now. To be fair, it’s rarely all that great here, but at this time of the year, it’s even more wet, windy and colder than ever. It’s uncomfortable weather. It puts many people off wanting to head outdoors with their cameras. But bad weather can actually make for some of the best photographs.

Landscape photographer Chris Sale set out to prove this theory by heading out into England’s Lake District to shoot landscapes in some pretty unpleasant conditions. In this video, he talks about the challenges of shooting in these conditions and why you might want to do it too.

I’ve always quite liked the bad weather days for landscape photography. They can make for some very dramatic and moody skies. And the best bit of all is that if it’s a place that’s normally packed full of tourists, they’re usually completely void of other people, because who’s mad enough to go out in that weather?

Photographers. That’s who! Although not many of them.

Chris mentions in the video that his gear isn’t particularly well weather sealed. This is a valid issue that is going to cause some of you to want to avoid the worst of the weather or even stay home completely. But even without fully weather sealed cameras and lenses, there are still plenty of opportunities to shoot in less than perfect weather that can result in some great images.

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