Stepping on the Beach


Stepping On The Beach refers to a song sung by SpongeBob in a scene from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Walking Small.” The scene has been parodied numerous times in remixes with other songs.


The scene comes from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Walking Small,” which aired March 22nd, 2000. In the episode, Plankton tries to build a mega-sized Chum Bucket at Goo Lagoon, and uses SpongeBob to get rid of the fishes on the beach. SpongeBob is introduced in the episode singing the “Steppin’ On The Beach” song.

The first remix of the scene appeared in a YouTube Poop made posted May 30th, 2007 by user TheBigL1 (shown below).


In the following years, the video was used in multiple remix parodies. Popular early examples include TheLaxTwo’s 2011 video “Artificial Intelligence Beach,” which gained over 2.5 million views (shown below, left) and TheLaxThree’s October 22nd, 2011 remix with “Everyday I’m Shufflin’, which gained over 1.8 million views (shown below, right).

More recent popular examples include an April 20th, 2020 remix by Spunky Animations using One-Winged Angel, gaining over 500,000 views (shown below, left). Spunky Animations also made a “One Winged Angel” remix in 2013 that gained over 3 million views. A July 2nd, 2020 remix crossing the song with Doja Cat’s “Say So” posted by DaymanOurSavior gained over 180,000 views (shown below, right).

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