Someone Had The Audacity To Assault Rick Moranis

At approximately 7:24 AM yesterday, beloved Canadian and comedy treasure, Rick Moranis, was assaulted by a random attacker on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The surveillance video of the attack shows the assailant wearing a black “I (heart) NY shirt” as he passes by Moranis, before randomly striking him, and forcing him to hit the ground. According to a representative for Moranis, the actor sustained some injuries but is “grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.”

Earlier this year, Disney announced that Moranis would be returning after a 24-year hiatus from acting to appear in the fourth Honey, I Shrunk The Kids sequel, and thanks to Ryan Reynolds, he turned everyone’s 2020 around by appearing in a Mint Mobile commercial. After the video of this vicious attack spread on Twitter, Moranis’ name began to trend, thanks to users tweeting their determination to find the criminal responsible for hurting the world’s most beloved man. While the attacker may love New York according to his hoodie, it’s pretty safe to say that New York and the whole world does not love him back.

Ryan Reynolds apologized for reintroducing Moranis to this terrible year.

Chris Evans is ready to sign onto another Marvel movie where they find the guy who did this.

We have bigger fish to fry right now.

We all finally agree on something.

Truly….all of us.

This guy stands no chance.

The largest task force alive.

New York is especially not here for it.

Someone call Liam Neeson

And Keanu Reeves.

Congress needs to approve immediately.

We are eternally grateful for this man’s health and hope justice is served soon.


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