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The phallus which resides in between the two appendages I use primarily for mobility has penetrated the orifice between similar appendages attached to a female of the species, and it has released a liquid containing the necessary dna sequences for reproduction.

I now have growing within my uterus an organism bred from the combined dna of myself and my mate, which will, when nurtured and matured, represent a future generation of my species. For now, however, it is a simple parasite, demanding nutrients from the sustenance i consume while (often severely) hampering my abilities to sustain myself, partly from the size my abdominal area inflates to as the fetus develops, as well as from a maternal instinctive fear of bringing the small and utterly helpless creature to harm. When the small being exits my being to begin its life cycle, it will cause me great physical anguish. However, given a period of time, I may go through this process again, whether intentional or not.

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