r/memes – I want that damn drink

Hmm… Y’all got it wrong.

The judge was the great Riley Adams, who understood how important it could be for someone to have a drink Since then in any California court idiomatic expressions of frustration were allowed. But anger weren’t. So you could say I’d kill for a drink now but not I’d kill someone if you gave me a drink. This landmark judgement is now used in almost all Legal Bluebooks.
Anyway she pardoned him producing a landmark judgement. But everything comes at a price . So he was freed, But on one personal condition; he’d plumb her sink that night. She was desperately in need of sink plumbing and wanted her’s fixed asap. And didn’t know any local plumbers. She also figured out his plumbing tools are really powerful.
Yeah now you figured out probably why the judge has this unusual name 🍑

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