Prepare For The American Post-Apocalypse Hellscape With These 20 'Fallout' Memes

This week marks the anniversary of both Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 being released. What could it be about the month of November that seems to be the best time to retreat to a world where the remnants of American culture and the fight for control of a savage, irradiated future? Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s … fall out.

The weeks following the 2020 election have shown that America’s reckoning with itself will never end. It’s a grim thought, but one that you could probably use as the subtitle of a Fallout game. Unlike Fallout, however, there aren’t launchable nuclear footballs or bullet time to take our minds off it, so we’ll just have to settle for memes instead.

… Or Maybe It Should Be “Here I Am, Once Again”


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It’s Tough To Travel Through The Ruins Of America

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Certain Themes Are In Every Fallout Game …

Fallout 3 players hearing maybe Fallout 1 players hearing maybe Padmé Amidala Face Skin Facial expression People Text Head Human Forehead Adaptation


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