Precision That Saves Eyesight

Many employees at Alcon Grieshaber spend eight hours at the microscope every day. Alcon Grieshaber is one of the pioneers in ergonomics within the Alcon, Inc. Ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, elbow rests to take strain off the shoulders are all automatically provided. The company also places great value on individually adjusted, ergonomic microscopes and uses ErgoTubes and eyepieces that are matched to different body sizes and physiques.

The fact that Leica Microsystems offers the widest range of ergonomic accessories for stereo microscopes is one of the main reasons for Alcon Grieshaber’s long-standing loyalty to Leica Microsystems’ products.

Periodically, a specialist from the parent company, Alcon, Inc., comes to Schaffhausen to check site ergonomics and give the staff advice if necessary. But that’s not all: “We offer every member of staff a weekly 30-minute shoulder and back massage. The cost is shared by the company and the staff,” says Attinger. “If our staff feel good at the workplace and the microscope, they are more efficient, too. And that is ultimately good for our overall result. We carry a great responsibility for our staff, after all we depend on them for our success.”

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