Picture This: Photography Podcast: That $500,000 scam: We found the REAL CEO. Who is responsible?!

The X-Tra Battery Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/x-tra/the-camera-battery-re-invented/) promises twice the battery life for your camera – but CanonRumors (http://canonrumors.com) discovered that the CEO’s photo seems to be that of a stock model and the name doesn’t seem connected to any real person. We dug deeper and found the true CEO, and the company’s real address. Guess what? It’s not a California company like they claimed.

DPReview, Petapixel, F-Stoppers and Canon Rumors, among others, publicized this kickstarter project that seems to have a fake CEO. F-Stoppers and Canon Rumors did sponsored posts, while DP Review and Petapixel.com’s profits were based on advertising. How could these trusted outlets publicize a scam?

There’s more to it than that, we found, and the real problem might have been calling it a scam without doing enough research. What can we do to prevent such problems in the future?

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