Photographer Capturing Proposal Gets Hit by Cyclist on the Brooklyn Bridge

Photography is fraught with danger no matter what you’re capturing.

That maxim was proven true when a couple and their photographer had the whole thing wrecked – literally – by a passing cyclist zooming by them while on the Brooklyn Bridge.

To be fair, you probably shouldn’t take pictures in the middle of any thoroughfare but, then again, it’s always incumbent upon the person in a vehicle to be cognizant of pedestrians in front of and around them.

Chris Vigo was proposing to his girlfriend Angelina Rivera and, just as he was about to ask the big question, the photographer friend on hand stepped into an active bike lane and got run over, PetaPixel reports.

Everyone walked away from the incident unscathed and now the proposal is part of the larger library of viral clips. And, just in case anyone was wondering, Angelina said “Yes” to Chris’ proposal. For what it’s worth, most proposals don’t go viral for this kind of reason so, all in all, a pretty wholesome transaction since no one got hurt in the end.

You can watch the video from Inside Edition by clicking here.

It is sort of similar to that story we brought you a while back except for sans wedding proposal and in the middle of a railroad track instead. You can check that story out here in case you missed it.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you while you were on a shoot? Let us know your story (and your thoughts on this story) in the comments section below.

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