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Peter Griffin At The Door refers to series of exploitable memes involving Peter Griffin from Family Guy reacting to various characters at the door of his house. The memes are sometimes accompanied by the snowclone “Holy crap Lois, it’s X!” This format was an inspiration for many fan artists, who redrew it to fit characters from other pop culture references. Like Sneedposting or Maskposting, the meme has been heavily criticized for being forced and rushed. The format was primarily popularized on 4chan and Reddit in the summer of 2020 but continued into late 2020 on Twitter and other platforms.


Although traces can be found on a South Park episode making fun of the show in the two-parter episode, “Cartoon Wars” (seen below, left), it wasn’t until September 8th, 2018, when YouTuber MinecrafterExpert37 uploaded their video “Peter Griffin Meets Sans Undertale” involving Peter Griffin meeting Sans from the game Undertale that the earliest known example appeared (seen below, right).

These were subtle references to when the original show had random characters appearing at his door, such as Oscar-nominated actor Matthew McConaughey (seen below, top) and Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise (seen below, bottom).

Peter Griffin Stewie Griffin Brian Griffin Cartoon Animated cartoon Illustration Fiction Room Comics Animation Child Art Table Mario Cartoon Animated cartoon Illustration Animation Fiction Fun


The meme continued to spread via 4chan and Reddit while heavily criticized for being too similar to a fellow Simpsons shitpost known as Sneedposting. On June 25th, 2020, several examples were posted on a 4chan thread by anonymous users to the /co/ board. One such example included a redraw of Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (seen below, left). Another example in the thread featured Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise (seen below, right).

BL3 Family Guy Cartoon Animated cartoon Illustration Fiction Fictional character OtinyS Peter Griffin Cartoon Animated cartoon Animation

On July 18th, Redditor LackaTaskk posted a version to the /r/yakuzagames subreddit featuring Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza video game franchise, receiving over 3,200 upvotes and 64 comments in three months (shown below, left). On October 20th, Redditor thekilomight67 posted another variant to the /r/scottthewoz subreddit depicting YouTuber Scott The Woz, receiving over 4,900 upvotes, 67 comments and several Reddit awards in 22 days (shown below, right).

Family Guy Cartoon Animated cartoon Animation 田 Peter Griffin Family Guy Cartoon Animated cartoon Green People Illustration Fiction Comics Art Clip art Child Conversation Fun Organism Interaction

On November 5th, Twitter user petervisit tweeted another example depicting Banjo and Kazooie from the Banjo-Kazooie video game series, accumulating over 3,300 likes and 180 retweets in six days (seen below).

Banjo & Kazooie have come over to visit me! Please come in and share me your experiences in Smash Bros. Peter Griffin Cartoon

Various Examples

Peter Griffin Cartoon Animated cartoon Animation Family Guy Peter Griffin Seth MacFarlane Cartoon Animated cartoon Facial expression Animation

X X X X XXX X X X X X X XX Peter Griffin Cartoon Animated cartoon Animation Cartoon Animated cartoon Animation Illustration Fiction


田三田 Peter Griffin Cartoon Animated cartoon Illustration Animation House Child Art

Peter Griffin Cartoon Illustration Green Clip art Animated cartoon Art

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