No, Alex Jones Didn't Lose Thousands To A 'Socialist Findom' Mistress

Alex Jones, no stranger to misinformation and conspiracy theories, has found himself as the subject of a new viral hoax. In 2018, the families of eight children slain in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting sued Jones for claiming the shooting was staged. Now, he’s on the other side of things when it comes to baseless accusations.

Last night a tweet alleging that Jones lost all of his money to a “socialist findom” named Mistress Amber began picking up steam. Findom, which is short for financial domination, means that Jones put the dominatrix in charge of large sums of his money.

The unverified and unsubstantiated tweet didn’t require any truth to go viral. Others picked up the story and ran with it, retweeting and reposting it without abandon.

Over the next few hours, Twitter lit up with people asking about the story. People love to hear about the supposedly hypocritical Jones shacking up with a socialist dominatrix, who he placed in control of his money.

Twitter user @LicensedT0Ill, who started the trend, doubled-down on the story, creating fake news reports and image edits to help sell the claim to others.

Jones stories tend to be absurd, whether they be the ridiculous anti-vaccination claims he echoes on Parler or when he told a courtroom that he couldn’t remember basic facts about his children because he had a “big bowl of chili for lunch”. So it should come as no surprise that people are taking a second look into this story. But wanting the story to be real doesn’t make it so. Still, at least a bunch of people know what findom is now.

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