Nintendo Announces Quartet Of 'Minecraft' Characters For 'Smash'

Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai left Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans agog this morning when they delivered on one of the Smash fandom’s longest-running memes and actually announced Minecraft Steve and a slew of other Minecraft characters as the next DLC fighter.

The reveal trailer was followed by a brief talk by Sakurai who almost seemed to be cushioning against potential pushback, noting how not every character in Smash is one he wants to add and in this case, Nintendo approached him to put Minecraft in the game. He appeared beleaguered by the amount of work it took to retool the game and stages to make Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman playable in Smash, at one point commenting on Nintendo executives, “Do they think (adding characters) is like magic?”

The stream absolutely ignited the Smash fandom, as some people were overjoyed and others furious at the new addition. Coincidentally, Twitter stopped working right as the trailer dropped, causing many fans to think the announcement literally broke the site.

While the drop is certainly surprising, it is yet another meme in the Smash community Sakurai has made a reality. Smash Ultimate has included Ridley and a Sans skin. A stream in which Sakurai will go more in-depth on the fighting styles of the Minecraft cast is scheduled for Saturday.

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