Nikon Ending Camera Production in Japan

Nikon hasn’t had a good year.

But then again, most people haven’t had a good 2020. But it’s proven particularly tough for the Japanese camera manufacturer. So much so that it has undertaken serious restructuring efforts in the hopes of turning the ship around.

And one of those moves is drawing a lot of attention today as Canon Rumors is reporting via Asahi Shimbun that Nikon will end domestic camera production in Japan as part of its overall plan to return the division to profitability.

This would bring to a close some 70 years of camera production by Nikon in Japan.

From Asahi:

“At last, Nikon will end the domestic production of camera bodies that has continued for more than 70 years. Until now, body manufacturing has been carried out at “Sendai Nikon” in Miyagi Prefecture and “Nikon Thailand (NTC)” in Thailand, but in order to reduce costs, it will be concentrated at the Thai factory.

Production of the mirrorless cameras Z 7 and Z 6 was completed at the end of September, and preparations for the transfer of production to Thailand have begun in October. Production of the D6 digital SLR will also be transferred to Thailand by the end of 2021.”

This probably comes as a shock to many people but some of our more prescient readers predicted this in the comments section with many of you telling us that you think Nikon’s camera division is being prepped for an eventual spin-off a la Sony.

Whatever happens, you can count on us to continue to cover what is going on with Nikon (and others) into the future.

What do you think of Nikon’s plan to end camera production in Japan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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