Neil Cicierega's 'Mouth Dreams' Is Another Delightfully Absurd Romp Through Audio Hell

Neil Cicierega is well known among memers for his work crafting some of the internet’s most iconic videos like Animutation and Potter Puppet Pals, but in 2017 he genuinely captured the music world with his astounding mixtape, Mouth Moods. The work was a sprawling tour through memedom with genuine jams, netting it the respect of busy internet nerds and less busy ones. Yesterday, he finally released the follow-up: Mouth Dreams.

The work is packed with gems, a chaotic romp where the thrill is finding out how Cicierega will make every idea within progressively stupider, and in some cases, beautiful. It opens with the “Yahoo!” jingle turned into a beautiful yodeling chorus. This is followed up with him chopping the intro to The Twilight Zone into a nonsensical monologue about doors.

The pleasures of Mouth Dreams are too good to spoil, but keep an ear out for the “Everyone Wants To World” and Alanis Morissette remixes. And the Queen one. And the Hoobastank one. Look, if you’ve got an hour to spare this Sunday, just sink your teeth into this and grin like an idiot the whole time.

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