Neckbeard Memes & Moments Ranging From Amusing To Cringey

All hail the neckbeard! The katana-wielding, fedora-tipping gentlemen that remind us that we shouldn’t plan on seeing Joker in theaters, and that deodorant is very, very important. 



Text - I get up at 4 am to walk the block where I live because theres a serial stabber out here and I wanna beat his ass Like Comment Send 4 Make sure to post pics of your stab wounds Like Reply 2h you do not understand how good a fighter I actually am, do you? Plus, I have a 32 inch collapse baton. Like Reply 2h YOu may be a good fighter, but you might be better at getting stabbed, you never know Write a comment... GIF


Cat - As you can see I live a fulfilling life without women #mgtow #furry #yiff


Text - theultimateincel Follow I have an IQ of 168. You shouldn't get into an argument with me because I hold intellectual authority on pretty much any topic. I dont see why that's so difficult for you ignorants to understand. #euphoria #mgtow #feminism #feminists #intellect #manners #gentleman #fedora #class 148 notes


Cool - yeah I'm going to the joker premiere how can you tell




Text - Silver Belt New id: View attachment 654045 if that happened in america, he'd be sued for sexual harrassment...luckily, in other places, women are lucky to get a man's attention and actually like i..the way nature intended it to be...IN this country, women preternd to be offended at a guys attention..meanwhile, they wear makeup and dress sexy...haha...


Text - Hey this might be an odd request but I've kind of been in a bit of a bad place recently МЕ Aw man that sucks :( Everything ok? Grandma died, she was my best friend Work sucks I do everything and they still only focus on what I don't do Girl I was talking to/really really liked got a bf right as I was gonna ask her out Just been depressed But I'm asking you this only because you're one of my favorite people comfortable talking to you and you've been here for me during my darkest times. But


Text - my dearest e-girl, i kneel before you to represent that i will always be a loyal and honoring simp. if you would be gracious enough to kiss me on the cheek, i vow to spend the rest of my days as an obedient protector of your replies.


Face - 4 Pick a few weird habits and repeat them constantly. The Joker has a lot of weird tics, like licking his lips constantly. When you're talking, emphasize certain things by pausing and licking your lips before finishing the sentence. You could also smile oddly at all the wrong times.7


Text - Conventions: Good hygiene is mandatory for access to the event Neckbeards: visible confusion]


Text - l AT&T Wi-Fi 70 100% 11:25 PM Instagram OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I Forgot About This Game OH MY GOSH Forgot That I Created A Female Character Whenever I Play Online Games Create Your Own Characters Along With Choosing A Gender Characters Oh Hush You ALL Know White Women Are At And I That Allow You To I Always Make Female "White" Female Characters Well The Top Of My Boat Especially Red Heads (Red Heads Are The Most Beautiful People On Earth "Change My Mind" Back To This Game It Was Garbage It


Text - r/AskReddit In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would your role in a group of people be? Discussion 1Share t30 79 BEST COMMENTS Since I'm blessed with hidden, simmering rage and a great sense of timing, I'd be the person who disappears during a crisis, presumed dead. Then, when all hope is lost, I show up pissed off and wielding a sweet scythe made from a hubcap. Reply 26


Text - 041e 7:27 X Posted Sorceress 3h Sorc vs Mystic t 3 Share 7 Awa 1TOP COMMENTS Dark Knight 2h For role play, I feel like sorc is better. I like to make min look really cute with big juicy breasts, a korean look and voice; really sexy. I obviously chose the kibelius with wim option, because she's a devilish goddess (beautiful) with the Lahr underwear with skeleton heads on it. People a sometimes scared of me but my korean looks brings all the white guys, chinese betas beware.. I get plenty o


Face - People who like delicious flat chests People who like big tiddies "Cowtits lover" "Lolicon scum" People who are into anime feet


Junk food - ह2 PuHts ritos itos MTay's OPS heets REZULER 32 Loner Size 1.9 Frit NACHO PARVE Twis


Photography - CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER Cornelius -Learned to fight by watching anime While you played sports and talked to women he mastered the art of the Chance - Expert of smug remarks - Drinks craft import lattes to regain health and stamina Special: Will report your internet activity to your boss blade Special: Tips Fedora Trevors Jordyn - Master of agile dance technique -Attacks do double damage to - Saftey in numbers - Ability to vanish into closet or D&D night when a stronger male arrives Spe


Photo caption - INSIDE YOU THERE ARE TWO WOLVES The other quotes crime statistics One says the N-word YOU ARE AN GАМЕR GAMER


Photograph - Q Search Jan 25 at T1ypm Austin, exas I am Bowing and showing respect for Princess Celestia ALKES 156 likes 21 comments Like Comment END

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