Moobloom is a mob originally exclusive to the mobile AR game Minecraft Earth, with the possibility of being added to Minecraft as of September 2020’s mob vote. It is one of the rarest passive mobs in Minecraft Earth. The Moobloom is a yellow cow, similar to the mooshroom mob, with bright yellow spots and buttercups growing from its back and head. In Minecraft Earth, they leave a trail of buttercups and sunflowers behind them as they walk, allowing you to harvest more of these items. If added to Minecraft, they will interact with bees and promote flower growth, and interact with the world in other not-yet-announced ways.


In mid-2019, Mojang rolled out an open-beta for Minecraft Earth. Shortly after, some Minecraft fans became aware of the Moobloom. On July 24th, user Yurgensc uploaded a Minecraft resource pack to MCPEDL filled with reskins of newly found Minecraft Earth mobs. The Moobloom was included in this pack. YouTuber Stealth uploaded a video about the new mobs in Minecraft Earth on July 27th, 2019, mentioning the Moobloom (shown below).

On July 31st, Reddit user Herebcuzsparklez posted an image of the Moobloom mod being used on Minecraft: Pocket Edition to r/minecraft, receiving over 4.7 thousand upvotes in a year. On September 28th, Reddit user boibuster made a post on r/minecraft titled, “Can we add Mooblooms to regular Minecraft?” showing support for an official release of the mob. Around this time, fans of the mob started uploading fanart of the mooblom, primarily to Instagram (examples shown below). On October 17th, 2019, Minecraft Earth was released on Android and iOS, introducing the Moobloom to even more players.


On September 27th, 2020, Mojang announced their latest Mob vote, an event in which users vote for the next mob they want to be added to the game (shown below). Included in this vote were the glow squid, iceologor, and Moobloom.

Minecraft fans started to take sides, rallying on social media for people to vote for their favorite option of the three. Many fans showed support for Moobloom via fan art featuring the Moobloom. On the day of the announcement, for example, Reddit user allegrymedsart shared a piece of fan art of the Moobloom, receiving over 18.5 thousand upvotes and 28 awards in two days (shown below, left). On September 28th, u/GoopyTheDude shared their own piece of Moobloom fan art to the subreddit, gaining over 471 upvotes in one day (shown below, right.)

Other fans (and Minecraft meme pages) shared memes endorsing the moobloom mob, especially on Instagram (examples shown below).

MOODLOOM 2020 MAKE MINECRAFT GREAT AGAIN My friend: why are you voting moobloom Me: I JUST THINK THEYRE NEAT! made with mematic Cartoon Animated cartoon Text Fiction if you don't vote for HER -> therainbowminersguild <- You don't have this <- Or this <- And absolutely not this

Minecraft’s mob vote ends on October 3rd, after which one of the three mobs will be added to the game.

Various Examples

O0 eckproductions • Follow ... eckproductions MooBlooms are so cute, I'm voting them into the next update! #eckproductions #art #digital #procreate #minecraft #moobloom #votemoobloom #cow #bee #minecraftlive2020 2d ROUCKIO N Liked by funnyguy_ig and 25 others 2 DAYS AGO Cartoon Adaptation Organism Animated cartoon Cartoon Illustration Clip art AIGHT, IMMA BEE STRAIGHT WITH YOU. THIS IS MOOBLOOM PROPAGANDA, VOTE MOOBLOOM Minecraft Earth Yellow bee-biome consider this: Minecraft I've only had moobloom for la day ta half ateingea but if anything happened to them, I'd kill everyone in this re alm then myselt haaering Animated cartoon Cartoon Happy Friendship Cartoon Clip art Illustration

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