Memes That Roast The Attention-Seeking Ways Of YouTubers

We all know that YouTube vloggers have histrionic tendencies, but these memes really take it to the next level. We need more.



Hair - Cast member: "the ride is closed right now, sorry." YouTuber: Disneyland HARRASED ME STORY TIME!! | WTF !?!!! :000 711,948 views


Text - me: want to go get food? friend: sorry im at work me: Fake Friends blndsundoll4mj 566,447 views 19K I 5K


Text - Barista: that's Stephanie with a ph, right? YouTuber: um yeah how'd you know.. Barista: idk I just guessed YouTuber: MY STARBUCKS STALKER | STORYTIME


Hair - Crush: *looks at another girl for 0.54 seconds* Youtuber: MY CRUSH HAD SEX RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME|| STORY TIME 675,972 views 13K 653 Natan por


Hair - Female Server: would you like some bread? Boyfriend: Yes please Youtuber: STORY TIME:I WAS THE SIDE CHICK?! 397,309 views 19K 399


Face - uber driver: *drives over pothole* uber driver: sorry about that Youtuber: I almost died in an Uber... no clickbait (LIVE FOOTAGE): STORYTIME


Hair - *hotel maid makes bed* youtuber: rert CRAZY FAN BROKE INTO MY HOTEL: STORYTIME


Face - sami Follow @samilarsson store announcement: the store will be closing in 15 minutes youtuber: I GOT LOCKED IN A CLOSED MALL FOR HOURS *NOT CLICKBAIT* 309,434 views


Text - elfma Follow @TEALPHIL person: it's fine just wash out the dirt that's in your eye and it'll be back to normal. youtuber: I Nearly Blinded Myself


Hair - YouTuber: Oh my god who are you?!? Room Service: Room Service l've came to tidy your hotel room. YouTuber: olivia.cara olivieanc A STRANGER SNUCK INTO OUR HOTEL ROOM | VIDCON 2016 STORY TIME


Text - frank Follow @franktbh Me: hey is this where the line starts? YouTuber: ASKED TO HAVE THREESOME AT STARBUCKS ! Story Time


Product - *Woman sneezes on plane* Youtuber: SHE SCREAMED THE ENTIRE FLIGHT CaseyNeistat 2.9M views CaseyNeistat 13:16


Text - drew Follow @drewistru starbucks employee: i forgot your straw omg give me one sec! youtuber: STORY TIME: MY STARBUCKS BARISTA HAD ALZHEIMERS?!??!?!?!??? RETWEETS LIKES 808 1,767


Text - victoria Follow @zallfranta *goes to a Catholic university's frat party* youtuber: i did cocaine with the pope 30,192 views


Hair - youtuber: you brought me diet coke instead of regular coke waiter: oh i'm sorry about that youtuber: I WAS POISONED | STORYTIME 199,404 views

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