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When announcing Luminar AI, Skylum revealed that Templates would be the core of the new AI-based editing software. Today, the company has revealed more details about Templates, announcing that it relies both on artificial and human intelligence. It’s kinda like presets on steroids, so let’s dive in and see how the new feature works and what it brings to the table.

With Luminar AI, artificial intelligence is a part of the entire editing process. So, the Templates feature is not an exception. It’s the core feature of the software and it’s there from the moment you open the photo you want to edit. Luminar AI is able to identify the content of the photo, analyze potential issues, and calculate the depth of the image. After the analysis, you’ll get editing suggestions. And there are two ways to get them: through suggestions in the AI tools you should use, or through Templates, which cover the complete workflow.

The main benefit is that Luminar AI recognizes what’s the subject of your photo, as well as things like lighting, composition, detail, color, and tone. Then, depending on the image, LuminarAI can suggest a Template that will work best. For example, if you have a person in your photo, it will suggest Templates that are most suitable for portraits or group photos. If you have a photo of your pet, it will suggest a Template best suited for animals or wildlife. And for landscapes, you will get a Template recommendation that helps reveal all the details of the scene.

Templates can be a useful feature for those who are only starting with photo editing. You can explore every Template and reveal which technologies were used. This way, you can learn the tools and what each of them does, so you can apply them later. Even if you’re more experienced, you can control the editing workflow by selectively applying AI tools, and then save your own Templates. You can also sync your adjustments across a group of images if you want to apply the same Template to all of them, similar to Lightroom.

Lightroom AI is already up for preorders and you can get it on Skylum’s website for €74 (one seat) and €89 (two seats).

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