Kentai.Haven Reveals How He Accurately Measures People On TikTok, And What It's Like Gaining 2 Million Followers In Three Months

Kentai.Haven is a rising TikToker who’s gained over 2 million followers in just three months thanks to a mind-boggling series of videos where he correctly guesses people’s height using good old math. With fun and informative videos unlike anything else on the platform, Kentai.Haven is a promising creator on TikTok worth watching. We talked with him to find out how he got started on the platform, how he manages such accurate measurements, and how he’s handling the clout.

Q: To start us off, congratulations on 2 million followers! How does it feel?

A: Thanks, I hit 2 million this morning. It’s crazy. And it’s only been like 3 weeks.

Q: You blew up really quick for sure. Has anything changed for you?

A: Yeah, a lot of like TV shows and all kinds of stuff hit me up. It’s wild.

Q: For those who don’t know, what is it that you do?

A: So I actually just made a video about this. I try and find people’s heights using math by using objects in their room. And I know there’s more practical methods like just counting pixels or just stacking objects next to them, but I think what I bring is just like a unique and creative way to go about problem-solving, and that’s kind of just what I’m trying to promote. I think that’s the thing that I’m bringing to the table.

Q: How did you find out that you could do this? Did you do this before TikTok, or was it just a random idea you had?

A: It was just a random idea one day. I just found myself spending a lot of time on TikTok and I just thought, “Well I’m spending all this time on here, I might as well just start making content.” I came across that post [of a woman asking users to guess her height] and I was like, “Okay, it would probably be cool if I just Stitch this real quick,” and yeah, I just Stitched the video and the next day it ended up going viral. And from there I just kind of kept going with it.

Q: How long does the average “height” video take to make?

A: It kind of varies, but since I’ve grown a large following I’ve definitely put more time into my videos. Gathering all the evidence, recording, running all the numbers, I would say it takes me about 4+ hours sometimes to make the videos. Three, four, maybe more than that. Just depends on who it is. ‘Cause a previous one I spent like 5 or 6 hours on.

Q: People in the comments seem to call you a genius. I’ve seen the nickname “Black Einstein” thrown around, for example. Are those claims true?

A: I’m in college right now. I have a 4.0 GPA. I’m an engineering major. I haven’t really got into all my deep classes yet, but yeah. I guess you can just say I’m slightly better than the average student. I’m in school for engineering technology, but I plan on switching to comp-sci because I found enjoyment in what I do, and I’ve been inspired by a lot of influential people to explore some different career options, and now I’ve been thinking of digital forensics or data science.

Q: I saw on your Instagram Story that you were having issues with TikTok’s AI reviewing your videos. What’s that all about?

A: I don’t know exactly what the problem is. I’ve talked to other big creators about this, they say they’ve been experiencing this as well with the TikTok AI. I think it’s related to my growth. Like, one day I’ve grown like 800,000 followers in like 24 hours and so I just feel like the AI can feel like that’s pretty heavy.

Q: Oh, so they think you’re artificially inflating your numbers.

A: Yeah.

Q: Before the height videos you had some pretty great math-related comedy skits; are you planning on going back to content like that eventually?

A: Definitely. I’m just saving some of that for my YouTube, because I feel like I’ve got some stuff that I can drag out a bit more. It seems like it’ll perform better on YouTube than I guess on TikTok, because I feel like I can drag the skits out just a little more, so I’m definitely saving my ideas for YouTube. I’m just riding this wave.

Q: Has anyone ever called you out for any incorrect height guesses?

A: I haven’t been entirely correct every single time, because you gotta think about what I do. I’m still essentially making estimates, but I’m just like, finding the objects online, so I’m really looking at pixels, and you know, sometimes the measurements can be off. And I think I know what you mean about like errors in my equations, and so far it’s been pretty consistent. What I do is mostly theoretical, and I’m just applying different maths that people are probably familiar with. There was only one instance where there was an error on my part. It was a trig error. It was one related to a tree. I still ended up getting the right answer, that’s what’s funny, but it was a trig error. I found the distance to the tree, and not the base of the tree, but that’s pretty much the only one I can think of. The other ones I’ve kept everything consistent. I improve upon my own formula, my own equation, and I’m mostly using a mix of statistics, and some theory related to human proportions. I use trig every now and then. Just stuff to keep my videos entertaining, but yeah. Every single one’s not perfect, but you know, I’m getting more and more accurate the more I do this, so.

Q: Is there anything in particular that stumps you when people request you to find their height? I’ve seen people in wheelchairs, for example, or there was a dude with one leg shorter than the other … are those measurements harder?

A: The thing that makes it difficult is when there’s not enough points of reference. So, the leg guy wasn’t that hard. I probably watched hundreds of his videos just trying to find like the perfect thing to create content out of, but as long as there’s enough stuff to reference then it’s not actually that difficult, it’s just rather time consuming. Because you’ve got to consider how far or close in the frame they are, you gotta look at multiple different sources of evidence, so you know, when you try to gauge something based off pixels it’s just kind of difficult. You gotta look at multiple different things.

Q: What’s next for the height videos? How are you planning on keeping it fresh?

A: I’m going to ride this wave just a little bit longer, but I do have some more stuff planned. I have some more stuff planned. I’m thinking ahead of time already, I know this is not going to last forever, so I’m just trying to think ahead of time. I’m already not just milking it out, I’m only posting once a day, and yeah, I’m just trying to keep it all fresh.

Q: Yeah, it’s gotta be stressful trying to keep it fresh, especially with all this attention now.

A: Especially trying to figure out who to do next. Like, I kind of got a list of celebrities that I’m just kind of collaborating with, just taking it one at a time. I want to get my followers more incorporated in it because I feel like I’m kind of straying away from that, and those are the people that originally got me where I am. Because I used to do people that didn’t have any followers. A problem with that, though, why I stopped doing it, is just because I guess cyberbullying a bit. A lot of those smaller creators couldn’t really handle that, and their page goes from, you know, getting a couple hundred viewers to hundreds of thousands of people flooding into their page and it gets a little bit overwhelming, and they can’t usually handle all of that. So, I try and be conscientious of who I do, but I get so many requests, I’ve been getting tens of thousands of mentions every single day, and yeah I just feel like I need to do something back for them. Thinking of ways to get them involved.

Q: And you mentioned a YouTube channel: Have you started that yet?

A: I meant to start my YouTube last week, but I’ve been so occupied all my time has been taken up, like I haven’t been able to start it. I have recordings already ready, it’s just a matter of me editing them and uploading them, and yeah, I just haven’t gotten to it.

Q: Have you been recognized yet?

A: I actually have been recognized once at the mall. Just once though. Maybe I’ll go on Omegle or something like that and see if they recognize me. I can throw you a spicy story though. This is something a lot of people don’t know about. Back when I first started to blow up, around like 20,000 followers, I had my finals coming up, but like, I spent so much time interacting with my followers I ended up helping like, 100 of them with their homework. I tell people and they just think it’s like, absolutely crazy because it was like a week before my finals and I’m helping other people with their homework. So, I had to stop doing that now, but I’m working on something to help them get the help they need.

Want to see more of his content? You can follow Kentai on TikTok or Instagram @Kentai.Haven to stay up-to-date with his latest happenings.

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