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© Hossein Fardinfard/International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards (IPA) has announced its 2020 winners. Out of over 13,000 submissions from all over the world, and the judges had a difficult task of choosing the best. But, of course, they chose the winners in all 13 categories, and we bring you the best photos that were submitted to the contest.

Like every year, IPA has named the Category Winners and finalists the Professional and Non-Professional/Student categories. The thousands of entries came from 120 countries around the world, and the contest wanted to support and honor the work of both professional and amateur photographers during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, IPA will match the cash prizes that are awarded to the Category Winners this year with an equal cash donation to the charity of the winning photographer’s choice in their community.

“In these unprecedented times, this year’s entries reflect some of the biggest challenges facing our generation – not the least of which is dealing with a virus which, for the first time, is an event that has affected every person on earth in some way,” said Hossein Farmani, IPA’s founder and president. “We see photography at its best – whether covering the Covid pandemic, or the world’s uprising against injustice – the images captured are breathtaking. I can easily say these are the best images I have seen in the last decades.”

Take a look at some of the stunning winning photos below, and make sure to check out the entire gallery at IPA’s website.


© Mike Dodd/International Photography Awards (Advertising)

© Paulius Makauskas/International Photography Awards (Analog)

© Kiran Ridley/International Photography Awards (Editorial)

© Jesús M.Chamizo/International Photography Awards (Architecture)

© Sebastian Copeland/International Photography Awards (Book)

© Nicolo Filippo Rosso/International Photography Awards (Deeper Perspective)

© Katja Ogrin/International Photography Awards (Event)

© Julia Fullerton-Batten/International Photography Awards (Fine Art)

© Ari Rex/International Photography Awards (Nature)

© Brian Hodges/International Photography Awards (People)

© Toby Heikkila/International Photography Awards (Special)

© Howard Schatz/International Photography Awards (Sports)

© Iwona Podlasinska/International Photography Awards (Still in Motion)


© Tim Evans/International Photography Awards (Editorial/Press)

© Rebeka Legovic/International Photography Awards (Advertising)

© Elena Litvinova/International Photography Awards (Analog)

© Peter Li/International Photography Awards (Architecture)

© Teodelina Detry/International Photography Awards (Book)

© F. Dilek Uyar/International Photography Awards (Deeper Perspective – Editorial)

© Wei Fu/International Photography Awards (Event)

© Chloe Meynier/International Photography Awards (Fine Art)

© Babak Mehrafshar/International Photography Awards (Nature)

© Hossein Fardinfard/International Photography Awards (People)

© Aaron Chuo/International Photography Awards (Special)

© Augusto Bartelle/International Photography Awards (Sports)

© Simone Francescangeli/International Photography Awards (Still in Motion)

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