Hirohito's Mega Chin


Hirohito’s Mega Chin is a modification for the video game Hearts of Iron IV, which edits an image of the former Japanese Emperor Hirohito that elongates his neck using a recursive image of his chin.


On November 4th, 2017, Steam user IG86 posted a modification of the game (shown below). In less than four years, the modification received a four star rating based on 332 reviews. The image was based on Let’s Play videos of _Hearts of Iron 4 by _ iSorrowProductions, who mocked Hirito’s chin in videos such as “Hearts Of Iron 4: JAPAN STRIKES BACK – KAISERREICH” (shown below).


In December 2017, IG86’s mod grew in popularity among Hearts of Iron IV players and was used by iSorrowProductions in his videos. On July 31st, 2018, he reached out to iSP’s fans on his subreddit and asked them if he should remake his mod.

On August 1st, 2018, iSorrowproductions referenced the image in the video “WHAT IF JAPAN WAS IN EUROPE? – Hearts Of Iron 4.” The post received more than 681,000 views in less than three years (shown below).

Various Examples

sup? Cartoon Anime Real Hirohito approved HIROHITO'S MEGA CHIN Modureated by IG86 Argl Ironman Сompatible Compatible with 1.6.x. Hirohito Dan Lind Hearts of Iron IV Movie Album cover ツの新展開 CO 0 ろ THEAVY BREATHING Oi.meemz KR8* ロー」 Sculpture Poster
If emperor Hirohito had an extra chin for every If emperor Hirohito had an extra chin for every nuke that was dropped nuke that should have on Japan been dropped on Japan MemeCenter.com Adolf Hitler Hirohito History Upgrade fuck go back SAID GO BACK Scatman John Charles I of Austria Hirohito Chin Cheek Forehead Neck

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