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Matt Klowskowski has been a staple in the Lightroom and Photoshop worlds for years. He’s written over 20 books on the subject, was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame (yup, apparently that’s a thing) and is an instructor at KelbyOne. Well, Matt also posts to Youtube. And in this video, he’s bringing us five Lightroom Classic tips that we (probably) didn’t know.

Unlike a lot of videos that just rattle off a bunch of tips without context, Matt actually takes the time to show some quick practical examples for each of these tips and why you might want to use them. He demonstrates how they can help you with your process and workflow to get better results.

  1. Colour Grading swatches
  2. Easy automask selections
  3. Quick graduated filter adjustments
  4. PNG overlays for layout proofing
  5. Matching exposures

Matt also has a little “Tip 2.5” in there with a handy shortcut key for straightening horizons when you’re using the crop tool.

I actually didn’t know about any of these features, but the tip on matching exposures is definitely something I’m going to have to play with. I wonder how well it’ll work to remove aperture flicker from timelapse sequences?

Did you know about these features?

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