Four Paintings Magnified

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Experience and explore the four versions of the composition through the project website: Here you can compare details and zoom in x-rays, infrared reflectography images, UV-images and see films about the research.


In May 2012, the interdisciplinary and lavishly illustrated publication “On the trail of Bosch and Brueghel. Four paintings united under cross-examination” will be published by Archetype Publications in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark/CATS (ISBN: 9781904982784). From 22 May 2012 the publication will be available at the museum book shop and from Archetype Publications at


You can also learn more about the project on Twitter where paintings conservator Hannah Tempest from the National Gallery of Denmark explains about the restoration process of the Copenhagen painting: @BoschBruegelCPH


The exhibition Illuminated – Tracing Bosch and Bruegel will be on show at the National Gallery of Denmark from May 4 until October 21, 2012. As part of the scenography of the exhibition, featuring a conservation lab and a 16th century painter’s studio, the presentation relies on a creative user group of the museum: The Art Pilots from the Youth laboratories for Art (u.l.k.). Especially the scientific approach intrigued the young museum volunteers and upon their request Leica has very generously offered a Leica EZ4 HD microscope to be part of the exhibition. The public will be able to focus in on a tiny paint cross-section – also projected by a wall-mounted monitor – in order to study the layer build up of one of the paintings. By employing community involvement into the exhibition planning and reaching out to the visiting youth with technical research aspects, the object is to prompt their later interest in embarking into field of natural sciences.

For more on u.l.k. see:

International conference

Inspired by the European project Four Paintings Magnified. Tracing Bosch and Bruegel the conference Copying, Replicating & Emulating Paintings in the 15th–18th Century aims to explore how art historical and technical examination of paintings in tandem can address key subjects as meaning, materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as be a catalyst for fresh perspectives on prevailing European workshop practices when copying, replicating and emulating paintings in the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries.

Time and place: May 21–22, 2012 at the National Gallery of Denmark

See the program and register here:

The research, publication and exhibition have been made possible thanks to a substantial grant from the EU Culture Program.

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