Firefox Minimalist Logo


Memes and widespread backlash to the logo did not begin until February of 2021. While the logo had been in use for over 18 months, a February 20th post by Twitter user @very_real_Luigi erroneously claiming the Firefox brand logo was the current Firefox browser logo gained over 77,000 retweets and 562,000 likes (shown below).

From there, posts about the erroneously perceived “death” of the Firefox fox began to spread on social media. A February 22nd tier list post ranking Firefox logos by Redditor TheGoldenDeer_ in /r/dankmemes appears to have launched the wave of backlash on Reddit. The post gained over 23,000 points (shown below).

A Absolute dog shit where the fuck is the fox? Colorfulness Facial expression Font Rectangle Art Circle

After that post, Reddit experienced a surge in memes parodying and criticizing the Firefox logo. One of the most popular related posts was a detailed redraw of the logo posted by Redditor VishVasantth in /r/memes, gaining over 121,000 points (shown below, left). User DagorCroc posted a This Is Brilliant But I Like This comparing the Firefox logo to a fan edit with Doge, gaining over 9,000 points in /r/dankmemes (shown below, right).

What the Firefox logo could have been, if minimalism didn't exist Organism Font Art 1112 VOB, DJ 751 K.QM 8621 This is brilliant. K.OM 8621 But I like this. Car Plant Vehicle Land vehicle Tire Wheel Green Photograph Motor vehicle Window White Vehicle registration plate Light Building Automotive design Sky Nature Automotive lighting Mode of transport Yellow Tree Automotive exterior Travel Grass Road Leisure Parking Art

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