FBI Is Using Baked Alaska's Livestream From The Capitol Riot To Track Down Rioters

Tom Baked Alaska Gionet, one of the more prominent Trump-supporting figures online of the past four years, attended the storming of the Capitol last week, where he streamed himself and fellow rioters ransacking the offices of lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on DLive. This week, that decision has come back to bite him and everyone he filmed storming the Capitol.

The FBI has been attempting to track down the rioters over the past week. Last night, the department tweeted out a call for help identifying several people who stormed the Capitol.

Vice pointed out two of the pictures in the FBI’s poster, photographs #74 and #76, come from Gionet’s stream (shown below).

baked alaska capitol riot protestor

Curiously, despite his confirmed presence at the riot, Gionet has not been arrested. This has led several to wonder if he’s assisting the FBI with their investigation, perhaps as an informant or a plant.

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