Confused Unga Bunga


Confused Unga Bunga is a reaction image macro meme featuring a screenshot from the film Ao: The Last Hunter. The image expresses bewilderment in someone of low intelligence.


On September 29th, 2010, the film Ao: The Last Hunter was released in France. The film follows Ao (portrayed by Simon Paul Sutton), a neanderthal (trailer below, left).

The earliest available usage of the screenshot of Ao used in the meme was published by the website on May 15th, 2010 (shown below, right).


Unga Bunga

The earliest know usage of the phrase “unga bunga” comes from the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Bushy Hare,” released on November 18th, 1950. In the short, Bugs Bunny impersonates an Australian Aborigine by cartoonishly mocking his language with the phrase “unga bunga” (shown below).



On August 12th, 2019, Imgur user Immune2locaine shared the image with the subtitle “confused unga bunga.” The meme featured the caption, “When your sick cave painting of you killing a sabertooth only gets seven oogaboogas.” The post received more than 57,000 views and 1,200 upvotes in less than two years (shown below, left).

Following the post, many used the phrase to express confusion in different scenarios, particularly in instances where language fails them or they feel dull-witted (shown below, center and right).

When your sick cave painting of you killing a sabertooth only gets seven oogaboogas: (confused unga bunga) Hair Facial expression Text Hairstyle Photo caption Forehead Human Facial hair Beard Adaptation Dreadlocks My boss: me: this test can't be that hard me on the first question: (confused unga bunga) MEMES Face Facial expression Text Head Human Forehead Photo caption

Various Examples

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Critics Consensus Godzilla: King of the Monsters delivers spectacular kaiju action- and reaffirms that cutting edge effects are still no substitute for a good story. *39% 86% AUDIENCE SCORE ified Ratings: 11.46 TOMATOMETER Total Count: 247 NEW MORE INFO CRITICS: (confused unga bunga) Hair Facial expression Text Hairstyle Forehead Human MY KIDS WHEN ASKED TO USE TECHNOLOGY FOR SCHOOL INSTEAD OF GAMING (confused unga bunga) Hair Text Photo caption Human Forehead Adaptation New redditor: Uses emoji* Reddit: New redditor: (confused unga bunga) Hair Face Facial expression People Text Human Forehead Adaptation
Slhe] belielve[d] 14 y old white girls: Sbeve 14 y old white girls: (confused unga bunga) Cat Facial expression Internet meme Photo caption Felidae Nose Small to medium-sized cats Whiskers Snout Human Smile (confused unga bunga) 3 Comments Share 86% Upvoted Comment as_Floydian What are your thoughts? Bi o s » A O Switch to markdown COMMENT SORT BY Best No Comments Yet Be the first to share what you think! Text HEY QUARNTINE IS OVER, YOU WANNA COME HANG OUT? IT'S ME, STEVE. UR BEST FRIEND? ME: (confused unga bunga) Hair Facial expression Photo caption Forehead Hairstyle Beard Human Facial hair Chin Internet meme


(confused unga bunga) Hair Face Facial hair Hairstyle Beard Head Nose Forehead Human Chin

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