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Meming is notoriously a thankless (and payless) job, as all too many popular memers know. However, in a rare case of a memer seeing financial returns on their work, the coiner of the phrase ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ is receiving donations from the very woman whose career she helped propel.

In late summer of 2019, which internet users will remember was Hot Girl Summer, Twitter user @lasagnababby tweeted a picture of influencer Caitlin Covington and her friend Emily Gemma, joking, “Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn.”

While the tweet led to some jokes at Covington’s expense, she nonetheless credits it with giving her a huge influx of followers and a much larger Instagram platform. After @lasagnababby, real name Natasha, posted that she was raising money for procedures and medicine related to her transition, Covington retweeted the GoFundMe link to her followers, writing, “FYI this is the creator of the Christian Girl Autumn meme. Please help & donate to the Go Fund Me if you can!” She also donated $500 to Natasha’s fundraiser.

Insider spoke to both women as Covington’s retweet began growing popular. The interview revealed that Covington, Gemma, and Natasha struck up a friendship after the Christian Girl Autumn meme went viral.

“Natasha has been vulnerable about her transition and about the struggle to be accepted by her friends and family, which I think is so courageous,” Covington said. “I support her decision 100% — I am always in favor of people embracing who they really are and to feel confident in their own skin and find happiness.”

“I immediately felt so grateful she had even shared the post on her platform,” Natasha added. “Caitlin’s such an amazing woman and has an endless supply of kindness.”

At the time of writing, Natasha’s GoFundMe page has raised nearly $5,000 of its $15,000 goal.

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