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While composite photography is not my strong side, I wholeheartedly enjoy seeing composite work from other artists. Multidisciplinary artist adnan. is one of the talented people I recently discovered, and I loved his work. He takes everyday photos with his iPhone or a camera. And then, with some Photoshop magic, he turns them into soothing, pastel art that will soothe your eyes and soul.

Adnan is based in New Delhi, India, and he describes his artwork as being “easy on the eye”. I’d say that’s an accurate description, and even his Instagram page as a whole is very pleasing to the eye. It’s perfectly organized, with sets of images sorted by their color schemes.

“I started capturing scenes from my daily life on an iPhone and Nikon camera,” Adnan explains. After taking photos, it took him 1,000 hours to polish the photos you’ll see below, and turn them into these minimalistic creations. As for the style, Adnan bases his creations on color contrasts and geometric illusions. Most of the images are in soothing, pastel colors, but there’s also a series of contrasty black-and-white images.  “Using Cinema4d and Photoshop, I try to create lone subjects in large scale backdrops to accentuate minimalism,” Adnan explains further.

Take a look at more of Adnan’s work below, and make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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