3D Measuring Microscope Combines Confocal and Interferometry Techniques

The Dual-Core 3D Measuring Microscope Leica DCM 3D offers a unique combination of confocal and interferometry in a single sensor head. The core technology is based on a fast reaction microdisplay placed in the position of the field diaphragm. Bright field, interferometric and confocal images can be generated by the control of the microdisplay. The non-moving part concept, the confocal microdisplay (MD), two light sources and two cameras (one color and one monochromatic) achieve high accuracy 3D measurements and unlimited depth of focus.

Confocal MD technology allows measurements of smooth to rough surfaces, of topographical differences ranging from 1 nm to several mm, and up to 70 degrees of local slope. In comparison to Laser Scan based systems or Spinning Disc, MD confocal technology needs no moving mechanical parts, increasing both image stability at high magnifications and light efficiency, and enhancing reliability and flexibility. Along with a LED based light source, MD technology prolongs instrument lifetime, reducing servicing and avoiding the cost of expensive spare parts.

Surface measurements are achieved in seconds. The system is easy to use. Just place your sample under the microscope, focus and click “Acquire”. It only takes a few seconds (typically less than 5) to get a 3D view of the surface comparable to those acquired with a scanning electron microscope, in a fraction of the time.

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