39 Crappy Life Hacks From Agents Of Chaos

These “life hacks” aren’t going to be elevating your quality of life because they’re useful. They’re going to elevate your quality of life because they’re absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh. 





Text - Vehicle door - If your kidnapper takes longer then 15 minutes to get gas then you are legally allowed to leave


Text - Text - uwu @oScarsdead the apple store is giving out free airpods if u go in with a gun and a mask 7:41 PM-12/21/18 Twitter for iPhone


Text - Text - GOT NO KIDS? Hire a babysitter anyway. Say your kid is asleep upstairs and must not be disturbed. Then upon your return, ask where your child is.


Text - Product - use a raw chicken breast to pick up crumbs and dust from hard to reach areas HACK LIFE


Text - A husband and wife are fighting in their home. The husband kills the wife then drives away. He is speeding and gets pulled over. However the murder, not speeding. How did the officer know he killed his wife? man is arrested for Share Award 24 51 BEST COMMENTS 15h AutoModerator hikerguy555 14h Justice Prince 8h He put her in the passenger seat so he could drive in the carpool lane


Text - Instead of buying a can of green paint you can buy a can of blue and yellow paint, mix them together and get green for double the price.


Product - Pour your drinks directly into your cupholder to reduce plastic usage.


Product - I technically shouldn't be showing you this but I'm off the grid so enjoy limitless power


Text - Is someone trying to kill you? Calmy explain to them that murder is against the law. Then they legally can't kill you any more. Share 11.6k 118 JTOP COMMENTS kafei coffee 10d Actually if murderers knock on your door, they're legally supposed to tell you if they're murderers or not. Reply 1.0k slightplague 10d If the murderers don't kill you in fifteen minutes you're legally allowed to call the police


Face - merlin's beard @oamirhisyam create a Netflix account on 29 Jan so u can get the free month trial which suppose to end on 29 Feb BUT the things is 29 Feb only comes once in 4 years, so BOOM u get free Netflix for 4 years


Food - COOKING HACK: if you put too much water in your rice, toss a few phones in there


Wood - Use a fake wasp nest to prevent your utilities from being shut off


Text - chris @OneyNG 19h my house has an ant problem that's so bad i actually can recognize the smell of ant now 213 4,719 ti 148 zach @psychicpebble 7h trick the ants into thinking your hot asshole is an anthill which they can live in and the when they've all crawled in you can shart real hard and spray them out all over the lawn 38 3,508 ti 271 chris @OneyNG 7h I feel bad for enjoying that tweet


Text - SG @KingOfKorriban AirPods cost over £100 but if you beat someone up who has them they're free Yoko Ono@yokoono Give us some advice that will make our lives heal and shine.


Text - Luis J. Gomez @luisigomez Men: For $250 a session I'll pretend to be a couples therapist and convince your girfriend she's wrong about everything.


Text - S 2 6h My 14 year old will not stop playing Fortnite at any given chance. He doesn't want to go to bed, he doesn't want to do his homework, etc. I picked him up from school the other day and decided to have fun with it. I pulled up in the van, got out, and stood by the passenger door as the school was letting out. The second I saw him come out the door, I yell "HEY JACOB!!" which gets the attention of like 30O kids filing out of the school. I immediately started doing that Fortnite "floss


Cartoon - How to cut expenses on the family budget


Text - lesbianathogwarts: dittoh: Stab wound? You mean extra pocket. nobody on this website should be allowed outside i swear to god


Text - officialunitedstates it's quick, it's easy and it's free: pouring river water in your socks insenial why would i do that Imao officialunitedstates it's quick, it's easy and it's free


Text - mike (pronounced michenovael) @Bojaredbush Make sure to test your gift cards before giving them to a friend. When I put the code in for the second time, the card no longer worked. Thankfully I tested this one before I gave a used card to someone.


Text - augustus @proxactears 8/25/18 life hack: if ur car is making a weird noise, just turn up ur music really loud until it disappears


Yellow - Pro tip: add flex seal to your oil to stop it from leaking


Text - BATHROOM TIP Going Number 2? Discreetly cover up your poop sounds by continually shrieking at the top of your lungs


Text - prokopetz Life hack: pause and say "you can show yourself now" every time you're about to leave an apparently empty room. Some day there might actually be someone there, and they'll be really impressed


Text - My essay is 642 words and I need 700. King Nathan, XVI @RodriguezDaGod Change the text color to white and Wisjdlsjzoekoqndoewko away at your keyboard


Product - This guy dresses up as his mom to buy Alcohol ILLUSION 100


Text - xxwolfmeetstheskyxx Here's a tip Carry a fork with you. If someone tries to rob you, pull the fork out of your pocket and say "thank you, Lord for this meal I'm about to have" and charge at them with the fork


Text - Tyler | Code WILDCAT Follow @L_AM WILDCAT What's the best way to download a YouTube video? 5:36 PM-8 Sep 2018 101 Retweets 3,707 Likes ti101 3.7K 544 Dillan Baeza @baeza dillan 8 Sep 2018 Replying to @I_AM_WILDCAT Screenshot each second and play it on powerpoint O 24 ti153 1.2K


Soil - When you date a vegan, you can save on lawn equipment.


Text - owlmylove: dutchster: moan louder every time the cashier scans one of your items please do not do this Source: dutchster


Text - T Hammer Dmitsoft Simulation INSTALL Contains ads 30 4.3 100 1K reviews 2.8 MB Down Rated for 3+ Power TT Per Pwer 2


Text - COMMUTERS. Get more value for money by sitting on top of the bus. Considering the circumference of the earth, you will travel 0.0000000013% further than your fellow passengers downstairs who have paid the same fare


Footwear - HOW TO FLOAT 1 Pour water on ground 2. Step away trom water


Sky - Step outside naked for a free cryotherapy session -24 | °F


Text - FatFriedChicken @NotSoFatFried It is commonly known that being in a relationship makes a person gain weight. So to all the single people out there, eat KFC's new spicy chicken with loaded fries and make people think your life is not as sad as it is. 12:36 pm 05 Feb 19 Twitter for Android


Text - Satan @s8n If you ever feel alone, watch a horror movie late at night with the lights off. You won't feel so alone anymore. 11:35 pm 16 Feb 19 4,548 Retweets 17.9K Likes


Text - Michael Wong @chinaboytellem If you are behind someone at an ATM late at night, let them know you're not a threat by giving them a gentle kiss on their neck

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