Month: April 2010

Intraocular Lenses

A quarter of an hour for clear vision In the 15-minute operation, which is often performed as outpatient surgery, the clouded lens is fragmented by ultrasound and then removed by suction. An artificial lens, the intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted into the intact capsular bag to restore the patient’s visual acuity. Thanks to a wide …

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Steel – the All-Rounder That Has to Pass Many Tests

If we wouldn’t comply with the highest standards of quality, we would not rank among the world’s best companies. As an accredited testing laboratory, we have to meet stringent specifications and are therefore able to vouch for the reliability, objectivity and accuracy of our results – irrespective of whether we inspect our own products during …

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How Sharp Images Are Formed

In microscopy, depth of field is often seen as an empirical parameter. In practice it is determined by the correlation between numerical aperture, resolution and magnification. For the best possible visual impression, the adjustment facilities of modern microscopes produce an optimum balance between depth of field and resolution – two parameters which in theory are …

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