20 People Who Have Good Reasons For Not Kissing Someone While Dangling From A Train

Occasionally, Twitter will play a game in which a viral image of a couple doing something very stupid goes around and the poster asks “What’s stopping you from doing this?” The obvious answer is “common sense,” but that’s no way to get retweets and likes, so everyone tries to come up with a much funnier answer.

Yesterday, the tweet in question was posted by @DoctorAjayita, who showed a (likely photoshopped) photograph of a heterosexual couple smooching each other while dangling off the side of a train over a vast chasm and posed the question, “What’s stopping you from doing this?

Thus kicked off a grand game of people attempting to find the best reason to not pull such a dangerous stunt, and the responses ranged from “my train’s purple” to, simply, “I’m gay.” People got creative.


In THIS Economy?


Melanin-based Common Sense

The Damn Law

Poor T.Rex

Do Not Challenge God

Poor Photoshop

Simple: My Train Is Purple

Damn Government

Frankly Quite A Bit

I Can’t… I’m Not Strong Enough



Gave It A Good Shot

Rail Companies Need To Step Up


Lack The Skills

You Know What? Fare

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