20 Memes To Keep You Warm After A Freezing Week

You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t keep up with all the news this week, as memes were born from news stories across the internet. From politics, we have Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation, a political scandal that has gripped Twitter for its astounding callousness, as the Senator fled to Mexico while his state froze in unprecedented wintry conditions. From science, “Perseverance”: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/perseverance-rover-landing-photographlanded on Mars, marking a major achievement for Nasa and giving us astounding—and very memeable—photos. From video games, Princess Charm literally charmed gamers with her brief cameo in a recent Nintendo Direct. Lastly, we have Astolfo Monster Cock, and the less said about that, the better. Let’s go!

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