20 Memes To Help Us Digest This Week's Coronavirus News Of Mutated Mink Viruses

In a world where pandemic news has become as routine as the weather report, it’s rare to come across a headline that requires a double-take. Apart from this week, that is. Pfizer announced that they had a vaccine for COVID-19 that was over 90 percent effective, giving nightmares to anti-vaxxers and cautious optimism to everyone else. Then, Russia came along with its version, Sputnik V, that apparently worked a whole 2 percent more.

It’s not all been good news though. In Denmark, the government ordered the culling of all farmed mink after a mutation of the virus was found in some of the animals. In case that’s a few too many explainer articles for you to plow through, here’s a collection of memes to allow you ponder it all without so much of the technical stuff.

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