20 Delicious Food Memes For Hungry People

These memes are for the foodies among us. Whether you nerd out about cooking or you just love to eat in general, you’ll certainly find some enjoyment in these. Next, check out some more food memes here!



Product - A truck carrying Worcestershire sauce crashes. Dispatcher: What's the situation? Deputy: It's hard to say


Text - hype @TheHyyyурe [first day as professor] me: you're going to be introduced to some uncomfortable ideas in here and we'll tackle sensitive issues, but i expect everyone to be adults about it class: [general whispering] me: ok first topic: a pop tart - is it a calzone class: [general outrage]


Face - A pizza is basically a real-time pie chart of how much pizza is left.


Text - Catstrey @CatstreyDave To kill a French Vampire you need to drive a baguette through its heart. Sounds easy but the process is painstaking. 3:22 PM · 1/1/20 · Twitter for Android


Food - "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 2020 Lemons: echronicallycraniy


Text - r posted in Just Sew - ... O teeling distraught. 24 minutes ago • A What is a suitable punishment for my 14 year old daughter... She used MY FABRIC SCISSORS TO CUT TORTILLA WRAPS..O 93 96 Comments 3m Like Reply Judi Death 3m Like Reply


Text - Scary Terry F @daemonic3 [guy who's about to invent croutons] *eating salad* i wish this hurt 7:45 · 17 Oct 19 · Twitter Web App 4,958 Retweets 35K Likes 27




Emoticon - Edward Saucedo Jr. Jan 28 at 1:01 AM • O Eating pizza rolls be like: e Like Comment Share




Text - Me: These roasted veggies are delicious! Waiter: Oh thank you! Our chef has a secret roasting technique. [cut to the kitchen] @BetaSalmon You ugly No one loves you You will never be a main


Cup - I can't believe we used to eat icecream out of a toilet paper rolle


Junk food - Mikael @mikaelftme Food debate : Square or Triangle ? KA£SO @KaeUnruly Hear me out when I say triangle has more sandwich.


Food - When she says she wants Italian for dinner and you decide to spoil her because that's your boo @mo_wad


Skin - Where does all your money go? Me:


Text - Nobody: Me: Ever think about this? TM


Food - Cat or croissant? MrB


Text - Shower Thoughts @showerfeelings "Muffins" backward is exactly what you want to do when you take them out the oven.


Text - Me: I'm so full..I can't eat anything else Me 20 minutes later:

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